Lions Ring in Centennial with New Alma Mater

To launch the University's second century, a new Alma Mater was commissioned and unveiled at 2011 Commencement.

After reviewing the many ideas that were received, the decision was made to combine the submissions of two alumni: Kelly Younger '94, now an associate professor of English in the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts; and Rachel Van Houten '03, a staff member in the College of Communications and Fine Arts. Music major Daniel Dangca '11 led the singing of the new song during Undergraduate Commencement Ceremonies on May 7.

Hail! the Crimson and the Blue!

Hear the Chapel bells implore us,
Turn our thoughts to LMU.
Sing this song in joyful chorus
Hail! The Crimson and the Blue!
Here together we develop
Life of the heart, the soul, the mind
Men and Women, all for others
Knowledge, Justice intertwined.

For one hundred years you've heard us
Lions cheering on for you.
Roars throughout the world do echo.
Still we find our home in you.
You have made us, loved us, and taught us
Values we will not discount
May it ring throughout the ages:
Hail! Loyola Marymount!

See the Tower -- all admire! --
Keep her brilliant light in view.
Beacon on the Bluff inspire
All we can and ought to do.
May our mission ne'er be forgotten
Praise be the name of LMU
Hail to thee our Alma Mater!
Hail! The Crimson and the Blue!


Tune: Hymn to Joy
Verses 1 and 3 by Kelly Younger
Verse 2 by Rachel Van Houten