Loyola Marymount University: 1911-2011

LMU history bookFrom its humble beginnings as Los Angeles College in 1911 to its evolution into a world-class institution of higher education, Loyola Marymount University presents the first definitive book chronicling its history of the first 100 years.  This commemorative work was written by preeminent American historian Kevin Starr, known for his multi-volume series on the history of California (collectively called 'America and the California Dream').  Starr spent two years researching and writing about everything LMU, from its founding, to the development of its campus in the Del Rey Hills, to its merger with Marymount College, to the present-day with a treasure trove of stories and images in more than 500 pages.  9'' x 12'' hardcover or softcover.

The hardcover version of the book is available here for $100.00. The softcover is available here for $60. Stop by the bookstore to view and hold this masterpiece or order online.