Oral History Project Interviewers 

In preparation for LMU's Centennial Celebration, current LMU students have spent the past year interviewing 53 Loyola, Marymount, and LMU alumni. The stories they have uncovered have been fascinating and, in some cases, surprising. Turning the tables on the interviewers, we asked each student what they enjoyed most about the project.

Brendan McNerney

Senior, Screenwriting Major
"…A chance to fully understand and explore the history of LMU, which I had only a shaky grasp of, was a unique opportunity not worthy of passing up….Though I personally find Tony Bui's account of how the study abroad program allowed him to reconnect with his Vietnamese culture [interesting], I think the most interesting details were the minutia of the merger and how from a student population and administration standpoint, things either flowed perfectly or erupted in friction."


Michael Petersen

Senior, History Major
"It was a nice blend of two of my favorite things: history and LMU. My parents and many of my aunts and uncles are LMU graduates, and I wanted the opportunity to meet and talk with other LMU alumni. I really like the stories of Marymount coming to Loyola in 1968. I particularly like the fact that McKay Hall, the Marymount dorm, was built right on top of the boys’ golf course."


Ariana Quiñónez

Senior, English Major, Screenwriting Minor
“[I] was excited to get a chance to work on the Oral History Project and be a part of bringing the past 100 years of LMU’s history to life. [My] favorite part of the project has been getting to hear all of the first-person accounts of LMU’s history from those who made it happen.”


Lin Sakamoto


2011 LMU Graduate, History Major, Art Minor
“I was interested in participating in this project because it was a way for me to not only be able to learn more about the history of this institution, but also to get to know the people that have attended LMU as well. I love to listen to stories about peoples’ lives, so this was just a completely colorful experience for me. The most interesting thing I encountered while working on this project was the fact that many of the people I interviewed knew of at least one faculty member that made a great impact on their lives. It only takes one great teacher to inspire a person to greatness.”


Justin Velez

2011 LMU Graduate, History & Political Science Major
“[As a history major] I’ve come across a number of [transcribed] oral histories … which truly fascinated me. They bring people’s narratives to life, as they transcribe the full range of people’s emotions, recollections, and attitudes about past events. In doing the project, I learned just how much change has come to LMU. It amazed me how much LMU changed in the 1980s with the arrival of new faculty/ facilities, and then again in 2000 with the acquisition of University Hall.”