Ernesto Colín

Ernesto Colín, 1999

"The things that were so rewarding for me were, you know, service-based. Tutoring with the El Espejo program and local schools. The De Colores trips were just some of the most memorable things. They’re just so transformative when you work in kinship with communities. My community, I’m a Mexican origin individual. … And I was a kind of a translator both linguistically and culturally and so forth. … And then, all of the things we did with MEChA and MESA were--they all had a focus. And there was--for me, it was--they had elements that were for me culturally significant, but also this Jesuit social justice service, men and women for others, was a big part of it. I was collecting these wonderful experiences, but just being sustained by them. They fed my soul, doing--being part of all of these things. I was rewarded a lot more than as they say-- I received a lot more than I ever gave in these things." 

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