Dennis Branconier

Dennis Branconier, 1975

"Student Workers is one of the most unique and rewarding student experiences available...and I’m surprised it doesn’t exist in more places, but a lot of it had to do with Father Titchener who I guess formally founded the Student Workers in the late 50’s. … He decided to see if he could get [students] employed elsewhere on campus in what became a Service Scholarship Program. So, it wasn’t a job. It became a fraternal organization where the theme, the bonding activity was work on campus and so that was in the late 50’s and that program continued to strengthen. By the time I got here in 1971, it was then maybe in its fourteenth year, and the students ran it…We were roommates, apartment mates, and we stayed here through the holidays for emergencies, and we worked on campus, so during the school year I would work usually 23 to 25 hours a week and then during summers it would be 40 to 48 hours a week. … I couldn’t have paid my way through school without it." 

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