Ollie Cantos

Ollie Cantos, 1992

"LMU is always the right place, right time. Whether it's now or in the past, it always is. Because, you know, people who continue to want to do well or who just want to experience life, LMU is the place. It's the place to grow. It's the place to be in a part of a real community, not just a community in name. But a real community with people who care about each other and who have fun with each other and at times even battle with each other. You know. It's just like any family. There are fights sometimes but it's still a family. You know. And it's not some speech that it's a family, it really was. It was a real community and still is. And LMU will be that way forever. It's entrenched in its traditions. It's there because it's the way things are with tradition; it's passed from one set of students to the next, to the next, to the next."

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